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Can I Promote My Business Link?

Short answer, yes, you will be able to promote your products with OnPassive once we launch. However, to be able to do so you have one of two options: Option 1.

Become a Founder (this will put you ahead of the pack). Then, once OnPassive launches (launch is scheduled for 2020) you will need to pay a one time fee to access all of OnPassive's tools, which will be essential for promoting your business. Option 2.

Wait until OnPassive launches and obtain access to all the OnPassive tools by simply paying the one time fee (of course, you will miss out on securing your Founder's position). Whichever option you choose to be a part of OnPassive you will always enjoy the benefits of the company's marketing... Through the use of advance AI technology OnPassive will direct customers directly to your business. Pre-launch Founder positions are currently still available for $97. However, OnPassive will soon have soft launch marketing campaigns to ensure that everything will run smooth. Once these campaigns begin the cost for becoming a Founder will increase to $150 and when OnPassive launches to the world (2020) no new Founder positions (ever) will be available. If you have a product or business that you wish to promote and increase your exposure and sales, I strongly suggest you consider either of the above two options (especially the Founder position for $97). I personally have several businesses (domain names) I will promote through OnPassive, however, OnPassive will, without doubt, be the main product I will promote that will guarantee the highest return, as they take care of all the marketing and sales, while at the same time doing all the recruiting for you as well.

Of course you are always welcome to help speed up the growth of your business or OnPassive team and go on a recruiting rampage if you like.

To recruit or not to recruit… To sell or not to sell are always YOUR choice. I hope this bit of info was helpful. Please don't hesitate to contact us should you have any questions or concerns.

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