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 Why OnPassive?
Secure YOUR Founder Position
(By Private Invite Only)



ONPASSIVE is not simply ahead of the curve... ONPASSIVE is CREATING the curve!

ONPASSIVE is on target to become the next UNICORN AI Tech Company (a privately held startup company 

valued at over $1 billion). 

ONPASSIVE is dedicated to creating business solutions from the sophisticated technologies of the world. The offerings of the establishment emphasize and work towards automating a wide variety of operations to augment the profitability of firms.


ONPASSIVE focuses on implementing AI offerings that can be scalable to varied sizes of firms. With small and medium enterprises benefiting most from our solutions by empowering them with modern technology to ward off any competition from large, global corporations.


ONPASSIVE is the first and only Total Internet Solution (TIS) with a complete ecosystem of tools and applications, tagged as the first-ever Smart Business Solution (SBS)


ONPASSIVE is the only place where there is no need for selling or recruiting. You choose to sell and

to recruit only if you want to do so.


ONPASSIVE primarily gives you three main pillars of success with more in the making:

  • A viable business

  • An efficient tool-set that is set on autopilot

  • An endless and unlimited amount of traffic and visitors to your business.





The ONPASSIVE team has decades of experience in technology and entrepreneurship, which has enabled us to put customer’s requirements first in our product development. You achieve incredible ease of operation and improves the financial outcome of YOUR business colossally. This is significant because without interacting with your business, you can generate immense profits and compete with large corporations in the globalized world. With every new opportunity, you will reach more potential customers and acquire them with all the "in-build" AI tools of the platform.




ONPASSIVE is a True and Real Business Development Platform:


  • You will get the Knowledge...

  • You will get the Tools...

  • You will get the Guidance, from the top leaders in this industry.


You just need to have the mindset and the determination to make it happen. You DON'T need to have an entrepreneurial mentality or expertise to get the most out of ONPASSIVE—The tools are designed to provide and deliver profitability to YOU as a Founder, its clients, and business owners.



ONPASSIVE is the last digital business platform you will need to achieve the success you want and so deserve.


  • ONPASSIVE is a complete package and a lifetime solution.

  • ONPASSIVE is something that will make you and your family proud.

  • ONPASSIVE is something that you can pass on to the family and YOUR next generation, ensuring that their future is secured.


Hence, YOUR Legacy Will Continue From Generation To Generation

You build a team and you start earning a significant residual income. This process continues for a few months and then ATTRITION comes into play. At this point, you are losing as many members as YOU and YOUR team is bringing in because the folks you brought in earlier begin to drop out because they are not earning enough income to cover the monthly cost of the products or services offered by the company. 


We have ALL fallen victim to this dilemma of attrition at one time or another, and ONPASSIVE offers you a solution to that problem - Because it becomes really, really hard to ever stop working in order to build YOUR business, and the minute you stop bringing in people is the minute that:

Secure YOUR Founder Position  


DON'T Confuse ONPASSIVE for an MLM

OnPassive is for anyone, whether you are an experienced Network Marketer or someone who just wants to build a second income from home.


The Company WILL Do It All for YOU! Regardless of your professional background.


  • The Company DOES the Marketing

  • The Company DOES the Sales Presentation

  • The company DOES the Selling

  • ALL you have to do is REGISTER


ONPASSIVE is a revolutionary Information Technology (IT) Company with an abundance of intellectual property and patented technology. ONPASSIVE tools will alter current economic trends and allow millions to surpass their current circumstances through a powerful and sustainable marketing platform. Unlike an MLM (a business model or marketing strategy in which the income of distributors depends mainly on their own sales and recruitment): hence, avoiding the dread of ATTRITION (a reduction or decrease in numbers, size, or strength).

With most referral-based marketing business models, the concept of ATTRITION is a major concern. Many of our experienced fellow Founders have battled against attrition many times in their past online business ventures. Here, in very simple terms, is the usual scenario with most models...






  • YOUR group starts to decline...

  • YOUR income starts to decline... 

  • YOUR dream starts to fade... 

And that's exactly the problem we ALL want to solve - ONPASSIVE solves the problem of attrition. As your team grows you're going to see that ONPASSIVE will help everybody in your team become successful... Instead of 97% of the people failing - 97% of the people will succeed! 





ONPASSIVE is a Revolutionary Idea That Has NEVER Been Done Before

Four things (among many) that ONPASSIVE does to help give you, and EVERY individual that comes into YOUR team, to make Attrition a thing of the past:

  1. ONPASSIVE is self-funding - people will come in, start their business, they'll pay once and they'll NEVER need to go out of pocket again -- very very cool!

  2. ONPASSIVE forces EVERYBODY... EVERYBODY that comes into ONPASSIVE to be successful - What does that mean?? Simply put, it means that ONPASSIVE is going to force everybody on YOUR team to make money.

  3. ONPASSIVE will drive traffic for everybody and YES if you're a builder and you can drive traffic... YES, you can bring people in... This is a big deal for YOU and it's a really big deal for YOUR team because ONPASSIVE is going to help build their team for them as well...  Again, this is really, really cool! 

  4. ONPASSIVE (on the customer side) is an AIIT (Artificial Intelligence Informational Technology) company, and the customers are going to love ONPASSIVE'S superior products. To make the deal even sweeter for its customers, over time the cost of their products will go down, and in time, the cost of the products for the customer will be zero... 

  5. ONPASSIVE, in time, is going to pay the customer to use its products... Yes, you read this correctly!





ONPASSIVE is so revolutionary that ANYBODY can come into ONPASSIVE and be successful.

[whether you are a stay at home mom/dad, a team builder or not, an entrepreneur or not]


ONPASSIVE helps you build a team that will be with you for the next

5, 10, 15, 20 years, and BEYOND...​



With ONPASSIVE You Are NOT Just Building A Business



© 2017 SamMiCor - A Better LifeStyle

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